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Turek Group

Our Mission

The Center for Sleep & Circadian Biology (CSCB) is a University Research Center that integrates basic, clinical and translational research on sleep and circadian rhythms into a unified program at Northwestern University. The Center provides administrative support for trans-departmental and trans-school collaborative research projects. The Center Director isFred W. Turek, PhD, with oversight by theOffice for Research.

Center Goals

The Center has the following goals:

  1. to foster research to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms that underlie the generation, expression and timing of sleep and circadian rhythms;
  2. to foster research to determine the consequences of sleep disruption and circadian rhythm dysfunction for human health,safety, performance and productivity;
  3. to facilitate the development of treatments to alleviate the adverse effects associated with circadian dysfunctions;
  4. to help educate students and the general public about circadian rhythms and sleep.


The Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology has, since its founding, been home to ground-breaking scientific discoveries.

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